Admiralty Marine Coatings are formulated to last for years while exposed to weather and the sun's UV rays.

All our coatings are 100% SOLIDS with NO VOCs and superior to regular marine coatings in hardness, impact resistance and weatherability.

Each coating is instantly cured at the speed of light with a hand held UV lamp, eliminating runs and dust particle problems.

The curing of the coating is "On Demand" allowing perfection to be achieved before the instantanious curing is activated.

The savings in Yard Time is enormous as the usual weather dependant drying process of hours or days is reduced to a few seconds.

UV curing has been used in many high tech industries for decades and is well understood and accepted... our goal is to provide a very robust version of this technology to the marine industry.

We can save you thousands of hours of drying and rework time so please contact us for a practical demonstration of our coating's capabilities.

Graham Duncan, CEO

"Our Solution Stops Pollution"